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                    Say goodbye to skin imperfections, hello to flawless skin - Artistry Exact Fit™ Perfecting Concealer delivers a natural, flawless looking skin in seconds.


                    What It Does For You

                    Gives natural, buildable coverage that mimics your personal skin tone, hides imperfections, and brightens your complexion.

                    Reduces the appearance of dark spots, redness, pores and blemishes. Perks up tired eyes for a more rested appearance after application, and also acts as an eyeshadow primer to extend its wear

                    Brightener can be used to highlight and brighten parts of your face and also under your eyes to reduce the look of dark circles.

                    Does not crease, look dry or settle into fine lines
                    • Long-lasting coverage, all-day wear
                    Transfer-resistant, Stands up to heat, humidity and activity Includes a mirror to make touch-ups easier on-the-go.


                    Why You Would Like It

                    Designed to keep minor imperfections under wraps, Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Concealer is a multi-tasker. Artistry™ Color Lock Technology delivers coverage that stays in place in heat, humidity and constant activity, accurately mimicking the look of real skin. Featuring a special blend of Tahitian Pearls and Optical Prisms, the result is instantly-seamless, flawless and long-lasting coverage.


                    Facts For You

                    • A technologically advanced formula with a silicone resin
                    • Allergy tested. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.

                    Non-acnegenic. Does not clog pores.

                    Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for contact lens wearers


                    Key Features

                    • Features Artistry™ Color Lock Technology
                    • Ultra-lightweight feel and creamy texture
                    • Exclusive formula with Tahitian Pearls and Optical Prisms
                    • Five neutral shades from light to dark
                    • One brightener shade available
                    • Long-lasting formulation
                    • Suitable for all skin types and most skin tones


                    How To Use

                    Remove applicator wand from vial and dab the applicator onto areas to be camouflaged or lightened.

                    Blend concealer into skin, tapping gently with fourth finger.

                    Repeat to build coverage, if needed.

                    • The Brightener may be used under the eyes for an awakening effect by minimising the appearance of dark circles.

                    When using concealer in the under-eye area, applying concealer in the shape of a reverse triangle (like an ice cream cone) with the tip extending onto the cheek will reduce dark circles and illuminate the face.

                    • can be used as an eyeshadow primer, to help extend the wear of any eyeshadow.
                    • Use the mirror included on the Artistry Signature crescendo vial to make touch-ups easier on-the-go.



                    Includes Tahitian Pearls and Optical Prisms to minimise imperfections by softly reflecting and scattering light. This exclusive combination helps mimic the look of real skin, for a flawless complexion with an invisibly seamless fit. 

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